Galaxy AR12 Stickers

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We are only printing exactly 500 of these special AR Galaxy stickers!

They're numbered on the front & back 1-500.

If you want one signed, be sure to let us know using the 'Add special instructions for your order' at checkout! 

These will not last long so pick up some AR galaxy stickers today before they are all gone (3"x 3").

 2 for $4.99

 5 for $9.99

10 for $16.99

When you get your stickers, make sure you share what numbers you got with fellow AR12 Fans here! You can even win some sweet prizes for doing so!


Sticker is made from thick, durable vinyl with a UV laminate that protects your circle stickers from scratching, rain and sunlight.

Send us over a picture of what you used your AR sticker on and we'll feature it on the site!

Here's a special note from Nick on the 'RECENT FORUM POSTS' on the home page of the website.

Hey guys,

So as some of you may know we released the AR12 Galaxy Stickers! For those who don’t, we printed only 500 of these stickers and each one is numbered on the front and back! Since these stickers are super rare, I thought it would be fun if we put together a database of the people who have them. If you bought some Galaxy Stickers, post a picture of the stickers with the numbers showing and we will add you to the database!

At the end of the month we will select 3 winners from the database to win some special prizes! Each winner will receive either a #BLUECREW T-shirt, AR12 Army Shirt* or an AR12 Snap Back. Maybe even some other special prizes that we can’t mention right now ;)

Make sure you post what number stickers you got below to be eligible to win prizes!**

View the database here!



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